“P1 had some of her hair cut off at school today!”

I’ve thought about many ways to start this post but I just can’t find the words for it. P1 had some of her hair cut off at school today! I’m beyond devastated and confused.
20131104-092407 pm.jpgIt’s only a little bit in comparison to what it could have ended up like. Children are cruel. Do I blame the little girl who did this to P1? Do I blame her parents for not teaching her the rules of scissors? Do I blame P1s teacher for clearly not supervising? Do I blame the school? Do I blame no one and just accept that mistakes happen?

It’s a huge, disgusting and terrible mistake in my eyes. To take scissors to someone else’s hair?! Ok, she’s only 4/5 years old but surely that’s old enough to know the rules of scissors! P1 is fantastic with scissors, she knows how to hold them safely, she knows not to put her fingers inside the blade area and she knows not to cut anything unless she’s with us! We even trust her enough to use adult scissors but supervised.

Where was the teacher when this little girl came up behind P1 with scissors and said to her nearby friends that she was going to cut P1s hair? Where was the teacher when she actually did, from the root, chop P1s hair? And why didn’t P1 tell anyone until she was home and I had showered her?!

I feel like P1s experience of school life has started out to be a pretty bad one. She’s ended up in A&E on her first day back in Essex. Bullied by two older boys. And now this!!!! I’m angry. I’m upset. I have never cut P1s hair, only ever her fringe and she’s always said to me she doesn’t want it cut because girls have long hair and boys have short hair. Well now she has a tuff of hair that will grow right near her parting!

I’ve wrote a letter to the headteacher this time as I’m concerned about the fact the children seemed unsupervised. I know the little girl won’t get punished, she’ll get away with it and probably hack at someone else’s hair. That I’m sad about too.

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