10 Perfect Gifts For New Mums


New Mums will be adorned with gifts, but they will mostly be for the little one they’re now caring for. Think about Mum and give them a gift they will appreciate – here are ten great gift ideas: 

  1. Pre cooked meals

For new Mums the concept (and time) required for cooking filling, healthy lunches and dinners is going to go completely out the window with a newborn to look after and with their partner more than likely having to return to work it might make things easier if they have pre prepared and cooked meals ready to simply defrost and heat up. 

  1. Pamper set

So, new Mum might not get a chance to use this right away but there will come a day in the future when the baby is with relatives and she can enjoy a relaxing bath with no interruptions. Put together a gift bag filled with her favourite bath time treats and see her face light up when she opens it.

  1. Personalised calendar

With any new baby the parents’ Facebook, phones and camera memory cards will be brimming with photos of their new bundle of joy, photos you can take and have made into a personalised calendar via a site such as Helloprint UK.

  1. Nice pyjamas

After months of wearing maternity nighties she’s going to be thankful for a nice, cute pair of pyjamas consisting of comfy trousers and a t-shirt.

  1. Clothes vouchers

New Mums go through turmoil when it comes to their bodies after having a baby; self confidence might be low and they return to their wardrobe to find that nothing fits. This is why clothes vouchers are a helping hand and a perfect present because she can pick up some new jeans or dresses and feel comfortable until she can fit back into her pre pregnancy wardrobe.

  1. Offer to help a hand once a week

A new baby is a handful and therefore housework and ironing can be left mounting up so a great gift might be to offer a helping hand for the first few months while the couple get used to caring for a baby and themselves. It could be something as simple as offering to take the dog for a walk in the evening, washing the bedding and towels or picking up the shopping.

  1. I.O.U

A new Mum or a couple with a new baby need a little time out every now and then to feel like themselves, therefore you could give an I.O.U for babysitting duty as a gift which they can cash in when they fancy heading out for dinner one evening or pop out for the day. It’s important new parents get this opportunity to escape it all even if it’s for a few hours, otherwise everything can become a little overwhelmed. 

  1. A bottle of bubbly

Now that a new Mum can have a little tipple every now and then they will appreciate a bottle of champagne to enjoy one weekend when the baby has been put to bed. Pick up a decent bottle so she can really enjoy a glass or two. 

  1. A decent hand moisturiser

With all those nappy changes a new Mum is going to be constantly washing her hands, probably making them a little dry. Pick her up a nice smelling, softening hand moisturiser for her to enjoy after each change.

10. A massage

Another opportunity for Mum to get some time to herself and to cure those post pregnancy aches, book her in for a massage at a local spa and offer to watch the baby while she’s there.

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  1. Amazing Ideas truly appreciable.
    I like this blog post and want make a add on. Days before I planned a surprise for my sister as she is also a newly mother. I decorated her room with beautiful lights and vinyl stickers which were made on self cling sheets so it won’t damage the paint on the walls. So even this could be a good surprise for a newly mum

  2. Pre-cooked meals would have been a life saver when my two were born. My other half doesn’t cook and I like to make healthy ish family meals so I was knackered! x

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