10 Reasons Why I’m Not Having Any More Children

We were never sure whether to stay with two or venture into the world of three children. Three seemed scary and now that I physically have three little humans I am 100% sure that I’m not having any more children. I know that is probably a bit of a negative statement to make, especially at just 23 years old but here’s why I am finished on my baby making years:

    1. I hated pregnancy. I am certainly not one of those natural women that relish and enjoy every second of their pregnancies. Quite frankly mine, especially the last two, were awful. Full of sickness and complete exhaustion, itchy skin with P2, severe anemia. I don’t think my body could cope.
    2. It hurts. Having three babies naturally blooming hurts!! Again I don’t want to go through that pain again whether that’s because I’m selfish or not, it’s not nice and it’s certainly not dignified.


    1. My experience of having babies has been pretty horrific. My first born arrived prematurely, the second was a horrific pregnancy and for the third I had a placenta abruption. Two of three babies ending up in special care. I can’t go through that and hope I’ll never ever have to go through that again.
    2. We have no space in the car. Ok, we could probably easily resolve that issue but we love our Range Rover and three car seats fit quite happily in the back.
    3. I’m outnumbered. I have two hands to hold three children. The maths doesn’t work and adding another child would make things even worse.


    1. I feel like we overcrowd. If were invited somewhere it feels like we literally crowd up a space within seconds just with our brood.
    2. I am constantly stressed. This is especially recently. I feel like I’m doing one of three things: breaking up an argument, cooking or tidying/cleaning. I don’t have the energy to deal with another newborn or another voice demanding something.
    3. Mummy guilt. Every day I want to be doing more. Spending quality time with each of my daughters but it rarely actually happens, especially for P1. I honestly don’t think I could divide into any more pieces than I already am.


  1. No me time. I want to experience going on holiday with my husband before I’m old and wrinkly. I want to be able to have nights out without worrying which child is going to wake the grandparents. They are getting older and easier.
  2. Sleepless nights. I have had far too many sleepless nights that I am trying to work towards having zero sleepless nights so that I can be me.

I am so incredibly lucky to have the healthy children that I do. I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters and we have a whole life ahead of us with hopefully many many happy memories to explore and create.

How many children do you want?

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  1. We are happy with our two. I always think about more but am so happy as we are, that we are not sure whether to go for it or not x

  2. I’m more than happy with my one, certainly won’t be having any more 😉 great reasons for coming to your decision x

  3. I’m not quite at 2 yet, so I haven’t completely discounted the idea of having more children! However, O will be 4.5 when this baby is born, so I do worry about having such a big age gap between them all…

  4. Great post and I can totally see why you would want to stop. I LOVE being pregnant so to think we won’t have anymore makes me sad but I adore having two and it works for us. It’s easy, we aren’t outnumbered and I don’t think we could afford another one if we are going to send them to private school. x

  5. I wrote a similar post recently but we have stopped at two. I think there’s something quite liberating about making the decision that your family is complete.

  6. This is a great post. I totally understand. I always thought I wanted 3 but when I now sit down and think about it I’m not so sure. Whilst I liked pregnancy, my births were horrific. Really bad. Not sure I could put myself through that again. Defo a good point about being outnumbered too x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      We are majorly outnumbered and it prevents me having the confidence to do some things on my own. I can’t wait for them to be a little older.

  7. I wanted two until the second birth nearly killed me and the husband said definitely no more. Which makes me want a third!

  8. I had three and then had an eight year gap and had another three, so six in total – I always wanted 6 though

  9. I completely understand where you are coming from. Three seems to be enough for sure xx

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