10 Things I’ve Learnt About My Kittens

We welcomed two little kittens to our family just a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying spamming my Instagram with kitten photos ever since. Our boys, Billy and Jake, are now fifteen weeks old and have caused absolute chaos as they’ve settled into family life at Christmas time.

I wanted to put together a little list of some of the things I have learnt since becoming a cat/kitten owner. These are specific to our boys.

They hate our fluffy blanket. 

My MiL’s kittens adore her fluffy blanket, to the point that they suckle on it for comfort… Our boys however avoid it like the plague. They jump away from it and therefore it’s a bit of a tool if I’m trying to work and don’t fancy a kitten sitting on my laptop.

They hate citrus.

When they first arrived they were into everything. Scratching at our beloved new furniture and carpet. We spent a good part of our days pulling a kitten or two from the inside of our newly bought Christmas Tree. I did some research and headed for a pet store to buy a citrus “behaviour spray”. It was honestly the best £4.50 I’ve ever bought! It has a citrus scent which most cats detest. Ours luckily do so this spray comes out to spray certain parts of wallpaper they seem attracted to, the dining room chairs, the Christmas tree and parts of the sofa too. It honestly worked.

Kids are magnetised to them.

I do feel extremely sorry for Jake and Billy. From the moment the girls wake to when they go to sleep these boys are followed around, picked up and cuddled, put in dolls prams and hidden in rooms. So far they’ve been super tolerant of it and we have two pretty chilled out kittens because of it.

Nothing is sacred.

Goes hand in hand with the citrus thing. Sofas have tiny claw marks, the kitchen wallpaper has bobbles appearing, the girls toys get dragged around and my earphones are attacked frequently. The work surfaces and floor in the kitchen have to be mopped twice a day and our carpets hoovered more often. It’s like having children that have learnt to crawl…. I’ve even had the loo roll thing thanks to the kittens!!

You won’t need to buy too many toys.

The upside of nothing being sacred is that kittens find fun in anything. From the tiniest toe (yes I meant toe not toy) to the curtain net. Everything is interesting and everything has the ability to entertain. Billy and Jake have taken a great liking to watching Dumbledore and Dobby the guinea-pigs.

You will need a scratch post.

We didn’t at first. The idea of spending money on something that possibly would never get touched was too much for us as a frugal family. However, after finding some claw marks on our week old dining chairs pushed Hubby to buy one. He bought the cheapest one he could find at under £10 and it’s been the best buy. The kittens love it!

Kittens love radiators.

Or anything that gives warmth (Hubby’s computer). Their favourite place to sleep is between our sofa and radiator in the lounge. In the evenings they can be found actually on the radiator and I always panic that they are literally cooking themselves and always move them.

One prefers the comfort of humans in the evenings, the other prefer to play fight with your hands and feet.

Every kitten is different. Already our two have such a personality. Both love to play fight but Jake is more gentle in the way he does it and Billy is honestly a little devil. He’s into everything.

They poop and pee a lot.

They tend to be quite scheduled, too much information I know. I have to clean out the litter tray daily and sweep up the kitchen nearly every time I go in there due to escaping litter everywhere.

They are fussy eaters.

I really hoped my kittens would be on a dry food diet with the odd treat of wet food once a day. But Jake will only eat wet food whereas Billy is ok to have both just prefer the wet. Also, they are fussy about the type of food they eat. We bought them Whiskas wet pouches when we were transferring them from Science Plan to a cheaper alternative. They ate it but always had left overs. Tried them out on Tesco own brand of kitten wet food and they adore it! Cheaper for us but my gosh they’d rather starve than eat something they are not keen on.

These two cuties definitely keep us on our toes. They are such a joy to watch and keep us all entertained the entire day. We left them for the longest time the other day and my heart ached for them. It’s like having extra children. I also get so nervous every time I think of they day we will let them outside for the first time. Rescuing Billy and Jake has definitely been an eye opener but they bring so much love with them. I can’t wait to see them grow.

You can follow their updates by following me on Instagram or any other social media at @lwpprincesses

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  1. I imagine that the girls are all the entertainment they need – so no point getting them toys!

  2. Awww they are so cute. My cousin always says how her cat is a fussy eater. X

  3. how cute!! we’re toying with the idea of getting a pet, and a cat certainly appeals 🙂

  4. I have three kittens at the moment, and although at times the litter seems never ending, and the witching hour occurs for much longer than an hour and about 3-4 times per day, eventually they will grow up and calm down and we will miss this playful stage they go through.

    My husband never used to be a cat person, but now he loves our cats, he takes as many photos as me, and he finds them adorable. They are loyal, despite some people thinking they could never measure up to dogs they are a person’s best friend. They will make great friends for your beautiful children, teach them to be gentle, kind and loving towards animals (because having followed your blog for a while now I see they are as individuals). I hope your kitties bring you as much joy as ours bring us.

    Also, our kitties find play with anything, even a long crochet piece I made that I changed my mind about before settling on a pattern for a blanket, and especially boxes and plastic bags.

  5. oh they are adorable! I remember when our kitty was this small, she used to climb the walls literally I wish I had known about that spray!

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