10/31: 3 Items Off My Bucket List

I don’t have a bucket list maybe I should write one. A list of things I’d like to do or achieve before the age of 30, because saying before I die is a little negative and scary! However, I do think I can think of 3 things that I’ve achieved in my life that I’m proud of and I’m going to share those today instead.

Number 1

I grew two, nearly three, daughters. Of course that’s my number 1. It’s my proudest and biggest achievement. It’s hard being pregnant and it’s certainly tough giving birth, but then there’s the teaching and providing. I’ve done that. Whether it’s up to other peoples standards or not, I think at just 21 years old I’ve done a bloody good job. My girls are funny, intelligent and loving little ladies.

Number 2

I fell in love. People say there’s someone out there for everyone and I’m a true believer of that. The love I have for hubby is like no other. When he’s not around I feel lost and incomplete. Already, in our very short relationship, we’ve been through so much together. Things that other couples probably would have run a mile from but here we are still standing strong and fighting back, together. My hubby has taught me so much about myself and about life.

Number 3

I got GCSEs. This pointer sounds really silly in the scheme of things but I was pregnant throughout my last and most important year of school. I managed to study and achieve pretty good exam results despite my pregnancy and the bullying that came with it. I’m proud of that. I don’t know if having GCSEs are that relevant to getting a job anymore but knowing I did it makes me proud.

I best get down to creating a bucket list now…

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  1. Michelle loves allsorts

    Fab list

  2. You did great getting your GCSE’s while pregnant. It’s hard focusing on studying and the you forget it all due to baby brain. I was pregnant during my Alevels it’s hard. Well done x

  3. Melanie C (@MelTimeBlog)

    I managed two out of three things off your list, and they say that ain’t bad 😉 Great list x

  4. All very warranted things to be proud of! Well done you, Looking forward to reading the series xx

  5. These are three great things to achieve and you should be proud of achieving them. I don’t have a bucket list either 🙂

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