“The house looks like Primark at Christmas!”

It’s been a week since the sickness bug started and about 5 days since it officially ended for me but I’m still not feeling 100% normal.

It’s the school half term and we’ve done nothing remotely exciting which I feel totally guilty about. My blog has taken a bit of a side seat during our recovery process and the house looks like Primark at Christmas!

Tomorrow, however, I plan to take the girls out somewhere to let them burn some energy and socialise a little. It’s been a little stressful and very boring for them being cooped up in a small-ish house since last Friday. I had planned to visit Leeds Castle or a nearby zoo, but none of that has happened and I’m feeling a little low about it.

Hubby came up with a great idea for amusement and made the girls a little den/house out of a huge box which went down a treat. Equipped with little LED lights, a window, decoration and a blanket/pillows.20140219-071049 pm.jpg

20140219-071123 pm.jpg

20140219-071132 pm.jpg

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