13/31: Where I Live

Today’s “Blog Every Day In August” prompt was to share where we live and a couple of cool things about it. This is one that’s easy peasy!!

This is the place we call home…


I made the decision to move from my birth town, Essex, to Kent quite swiftly. When I get something in my mind it stays there until it’s resolved as such, so I practically forced the decision on my hubby (then Boyf) and we moved quickly. The week our move happened was a tough one, it was the week my Nan died but having the move to occupy my mind really helped with the sadness I felt.

Our little home has two bedrooms although I like to describe it as one and a half. Our bathroom is technically a shower room. Our downstairs is completely open plan. We have no garden but thankfully have an outbuilding. We have a little drive way but our house pretty much sits on top of a main road.


Those photos were taken when we first moved in and we were the first people to live in its refurbished state. As much as I complain about the size of my home, especially since switching rooms so the girls could share the bigger one, I do love it! It’s modern and bright.

There is not one area of our home that isn’t over run by toys or child related items. Everywhere you move there’s something to remind you of the chaos. As strange as it sounds and as annoying as it can be tripping over various toys or stubbing my toe on the stairgate, it’s those things that keep me sane and make me happy.

Our home is in a fantastic location. When we first moved we had a school right on our doorstep but obviously that didn’t quite work out for us, but the schools here are fantastic anyway! The people are friendly, wherever you go someone is always willing to say hello or have a little chat. They have plenty of fetes and community involved events.

We have a Minor Injuries hospital near by which is fantastic for out of hours accidents and saves so much time rather than sitting in A&E. The health service in general seems much more superior to Essex. Obviously I’m yet to check out their birthing services!

With regards to my actual home there’s so many little things I just love. We have underfloor heating throughout the downstairs which during the winter was blooming lovely!! It’s also much more efficient – heat rises and all that. Downstairs is also tiled wood floor which is just fabulous for messy kids although we did find it difficult when P2 was still learning to sit up, crawl and walk but we had the safety of the soft flooring eventually.

Of course our house doesn’t look anything like the pictures anymore. We have toys and life all over the place but it’s not exactly messy thank goodness. It’s our home. Our first marriage home. P1s first family house. A home that P2 learnt to sit, crawl and walk in. It’ll be P3s first ever home.

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  1. It sounds lovely. (and Im loving your car!)

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