14/31: Why Do You Blog?

Today’s prompt is “why do you blog?” and I had actually started writing a post like this a week or so ago but ended up deleting it. It just didn’t sound right. Hopefully this time it does.

I’ve technically been blogging since 2011 but that first blog I created was very basic and actually quite depressing to read over. Although I’m still thankful I wrote it because it highlights the points of why I blog in the first place. Blogging for me is about expressing my thoughts and worries into writing. An online journal or diary. Documenting me.

This blog itself started in January 2013 and has rapidly progressed giving me not only a basis to rant but also many amazing opportunities. The products I’ve been sent to review and the places I’ve visited have really benefited my family. All of us have got to experience things we wouldn’t normally get to.

But mainly I’m thankful that P2 and P3 will get to read about their childhood right from the beginning. I regret not knowing about blogging when I was pregnant with P1 because being pregnant at 15/16 was tough and I know I had many thoughts that needed to be documented that I just didn’t!! This blog isn’t just a hobby though or my online life journal, it’s my work in a way and I spend great care on the things I post or take photos of.

I guess the answer on a whole as to why do you blog is simply because it keeps me sane!

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  1. I started blogging alongside writing my picture books. I had no idea that I would find it so addictive and enjoyable 🙂


  2. Ha that’s the exact reason I started my own blog – to keep myself sane!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  3. It help keeps me sane and I completely agree begun 16/17 and pregnant was hard for me. I had left school luckily and was in college. I can’t imagine how horrible the kids in upper school would give been.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for commenting! It was a tough point in my education but I managed through it with my head held high… the majority of it.

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