15/31: My Dream Travel List

I haven’t really been to very many places so far so my dream destination list is pretty big. I cannot see myself visiting many of them any time soon due to kids and finances but I suppose that’s why it’s a dream list.

1) Canada.
Hubby has family out there and I’ve heard so many stories that make me want to jump on the plane and experience the weather, either seasons sound pretty amazing.

2) Egypt.
Since I studied the pyramids in primary school I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt. The weather is beautifully hot and the history to be learnt is astounding. Although, I’m a little nervous of the deadly creatures!

3) Australia.
I love the sun and hot weather (when not pregnant). Australia always seems to tick those boxes and I’d love to be able to go and just chill on the soft sandy beaches.

4) Maldives.
This is a dream couple holiday I’ve always wanted to go to. Book a little shack on the water, go swimming in the sea, switch off from life and enjoy my hubby.

5) Lapland.
This is my dream family holiday. There’s something about Christmas that gets kids so excited. Whilst the magic is there and they’re not too old I’d love to visit Lapland. Experience sledging with reindeers and meet Santa. To see their little faces light up would be a dream!

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