17/31: Our Average Day

Today’s Blog Every Day in August’s prompt was Timeline of Your Day. It’s a Sunday, and although during the holidays it hasn’t seemed to matter whether it’s a Sunday or a Wednesday, our day follows the same rough schedule unless we have a planned trip out. Here’s our average day:

(Despite the frequent wake up calls during the early hours of the morning) Our day usually starts at 5:30am, where P2 will run in to us and hop into bed. She snuggles down and usually falls back to sleep. This happened this morning.

7:30am – P1 wakes up and comes into our room waking P2. I get up, leaving the girls upstairs either laying in our bed next to a sound asleep hubby or in their bedroom. I go and grab them some dry Cheerios and a drink each. Change P2s nappy and turn their tv on for them and snuggle back down in bed.


9am is usually when they’ve all had enough and want to go downstairs. We leave hubby upstairs either asleep or resting with his iPad. I make our proper breakfast which is usually either porridge or toast.


9:30-10:30am is usually when I rush about tidying toys away, washing the dishes and cleaning the work top etc. I don’t like doing it in the evenings as the bedtime routine takes so much of my evening up. The girls eat and play quite nicely together at this point. Usually doing some drawing.


I sit down at about 11am. Watch cBeebies with the girls. Check various social media feeds, answer emails, read other peoples blogs and do a bit of blogging myself. I read books to P2 and hop up and down like a yoyo fetching various things that the girls ask for.

Depending on if P2 is stroppy tired at about 11:30 I’ll get her some milk, rearrange the sofa cushions and my bed pillows. Make sure the tv remote is in reach and I have a dummy. I’ll change P2s nappy and then get her comfy with me until she falls asleep. She normally goes to sleep somewhere around 11:30-1pm and will sleep for at least an hour and half, most of the time more. P1 goes upstairs and has quiet time herself playing or watching a film.


Hubby does lunch for us all at around 12pm. I’ll eat mine one handed on the sofa if P2 is asleep on me. P1 sometimes eats upstairs but the majority of the time it’s downstairs with hubby. I’ll be stuck on the sofa, I usually end up napping too, until around 2/3pm depending on when she actually fell asleep.


P2 wakes and has her lunch. Sometimes we’ll then go visit the ducks, or for a little walk to Tesco in the afternoons. Usually on a Sunday hubby and I use the afternoon to tidy up, hoover and what not. The girls play really well together and even get roped into mopping the floor for me.


Somewhere between 5-6pm we’ll have dinner. Dinner usually takes forever for P1 to eat but it’s usually over by 6:30pm.


At 6:30-7pm we tend to play and talk about our day. Hubby always gets clambered on and attacked by his girls. There’s usually a lot of giggling. Every other day I run them a bath upstairs using a bucket as we only have a shower.


By about 7:45pm they’re both in pjs and ready to get into bed. We’ll read a story whilst P1 has her cup of milk and P2 feeds herself a small bottle of milk. P1 then gets into bed and wriggles around for what feels like all night before finally falling to sleep at 8:30-9pm sort of time. P2 is usually much easier although hasn’t been the past few days, she normally drinks some more milk whilst laying down with me next to her mattress that’s on the floor. She normally takes about half an hour to get to sleep.


Most nights I can leave their bedroom by 8:30pm. On bad nights it’s usually 9/9:30pm if I haven’t already fallen asleep on their bedroom floor myself!!


Our evenings usually follow the same routine; Hollyoaks, followed by EastEnders, then whatever else takes our fancy. I’ll fall asleep on the sofa most nights and get told to go to bed. I’m usually up in bed by about 10:30pm where I do more social media checking and blogging. Hubby joins me shortly after and watches YouTube videos on his iPad. P2 usually stirs around 11:30-12 so I normally try to stay away for that so I’m not disturbed. She’ll then wake on average twice more in the night, even more so the past few days for some reason.

After writing it all down I’ve concluded that my day is pretty boring!! The girls are always having fun and entertained so I can’t quite understand why it looks so boring. We do go out a lot too but with my lack of energy and growing bump I’ve just had no motivation to do anything. Yesterday, I took a walk to the pharmacy for P1s medication and that killed my back!! When we do things we I usually have to have a day of rest afterwards.


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  1. I don’t think your day sounds boring at all. You definitely do have a lot to keep you occupied during the day and I think a routine is great. I never had a routine and my days usually ended in chaos, actually they still do!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you!! I always wake up with lots of things planned, like art or baking. Then never do it and feel so deflated at the end of the day.

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