Needing New Boots For Adventures

My boots are probably over 4 years old now. They are battered, they are peeling, they are scratched, the heels are wearing down and I’m pretty sure that there are holes in them underneath as my feet get wet.

These boots are always the shoes I wear when we go out anywhere for adventures or long days out. They have always been so reliable and I am probably a little attached to them. They are black, they have a slight heel which gives me the extra height I need when pushing out buggy or standing next to my 6ft husband.


As you can see from the picture they have seen better days but they are still my favourite shoe of all times! I can’t deny that I desperately need some new boots. I’ve really struggled to find some that tick all the boxes of my needs. Something I can wear on the many walks I go on, the 6 mile school run twice a day if the car isn’t available and day to day walking.


Caterpillar Boots from M and M Direct wouldn’t normally be something I’d think about choosing for my feet but they’ve recently grown on me. They are hard wearing, comfortable and these particular ones that I love are black meaning they’d go with nearly everything I’d wear.

I love getting out and about with the girls, especially when there’s leaves to kick and adventures to be had. Having the wrong footwear is definitely an end all which is why it’s been so important for me to pick the right boots for the family life that I lead with my girls.

Do you have a favourite shoe that has seen better days but you just can’t bring yourself to bin them?

*This is a collaborative post*

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  1. I have a comfy pair of brown boots which are no longer waterproof in the soles – still have them though!

    Lizzie Dripping

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