1AM Mummy Moment

I suddenly woke and ran to P2s cot. She’s in there, has been since 10:30pm, it’s now 1:35am and i don’t normally get woken by her until 3-4am, but I had a heart stopping panic…

Why is she so quiet?

I’m so silly. She’s sound asleep. Quite happy. I’m not! I miss her dreadfully being by my side.

This was a picture I took earlier when I was testing her in the cot:
20130429-013711 AM.jpg
Even my OH was rather upset and lost about putting her in her big bed. She’s too teeny!!! But I know this is the right thing to do, we can’t just leave it until she’s outgrown her Moses basket completely… To find she hates a cotbed and we end up with sleepless nights. I had to slowly wean her into the cotbed. I secretly hoped she’d hate it and I’d get a couple more nights with her in bed/close by me.

P2 is doing great. We’ll have no issue. It’s me with the issue. It’s me needing to be weaned. She’ll sleep in her Moses basket when she wakes up. Just to satisfy my needs to have her close.

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