Monthly Archives: June 2021

5 Teaching Methods Used In Pre-Schools

Although all pre-schools aim to lay the foundation for kids to be better prepared for future education, they have slightly different approaches and techniques in teaching. All these have a great impact on the students’ mindset, thinking, social and cognitive development.  Getting to know the significant differences is vital before selecting the right pre-school for your child. Play-Way method The Playway …

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All About Dogs Show & Mum’s First Birthday In Heaven

Since my Mum’s death, I have watched and researched lots of things about bereavement to equip myself with all stages of grief. I remember watching a video that said “You always expect first milestones after a loved one’s death to be hard. But actually, you end up surrounded by people that care, and your heart protects you on those days. …

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Marsh Farm Superheroes & Princesses

It will be no surprise to those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, that we made a trip to Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park this half term. It’s one of our favourite places to go for a day out. Marsh Farm has a great mixture of outdoor playgrounds, a few farm animals to see and …

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