21/31: Top 10 Blogs

I currently follow 103 blogs over on Bloglovin’. I’m over there too ya know so let’s boost the 14 followers I currently have hey! Whittling 103 down to just 10 is going to be tricky but here are my top 10, in no particular order…

1) Edspire Jennie is an inspiration. I remember the day I read her blog for the first time, I absolutely balled my eyes out and have been hooked since. I met her properly at BritMums Live and have actually bumped into her near where I live.

2) Cancer, Crutches & Babies I can’t remember how I stumbled across this blog but I read it religiously. I find Vickie’s story a complete inspiration after losing her boyfriend and father of her baby to cancer. She’s only 24 and I think she is a very strong woman!

3) The Only Way Is Mama This is a new blog written by one of my very close friends so I like being nosey.

4) Mother’s Always Right I find this blog quite easy to relate to. She’s also very honest which makes reading it all the better.

5) Richmond Mummy This blog was one of the first I ever read. I’ve met B and her girls. Her youngest is born pretty much the same day as P2 so find her writings quite easy to relate to.

6) Along Came Cherry I just love all the pretty photos and find her blog very honest.

7) Sorry About The Mess Chloe is one of my big blog inspirations. She writes so well and always has flawless photos!! She was also one of the select few who really spoke to me at BritMums Live.

8) Oh So Amelia I love this blog. It’s full of excellent photography, reviews and tips.

9) Mummy Daddy Me This blog is again full of great photography and the writing is always really interesting to read and relate to. Her youngest is also born, I think, on the same day as P2.

10) Dear Beautiful I’m a sucker for great photography. I find this blog so easy to read and relate to.

I did it. I managed to get it down to my top 10. They all deserve parenting and blogging medals in my eyes… Some actually have won these!

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  1. Ah thNk you so much for including me!x

  2. Ah thank you for the mention! A brilliant list to be included on. x

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