233 Days Left AND Counting

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I’ve currently had 160 days of my maternity leave. It seems like forever since I was at work.

I’m very nervous about returning. We’ve decided to extend my maternity leave to the full entitlement, which makes my return date 2nd January. That makes me a little more relaxed but so much has changed since I was there. I feel like I won’t fit it.

At work I always felt they treated me like a child. To them, all 30+, I guess I am a child. But since being off I’ve felt more grown up about myself, more confident and independent. I don’t want to return and have that all crushed to the size of a pea again.
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Plus, I’m terrified at the thought of leaving my girls. I’m used to P1 going off to nursery and my Grandparents, and by January she would have started school! But leaving P2 is daunting. Giving up breast feeding makes my heart clench up. She needs me, but I think I need her more!!

This time, everything just feels different. I’m far from prepared.

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