My 24th Birthday At Bewl Water

Since becoming a Mum my birthdays do not feel as significant. Apart from the fact I am getting older, my birthday just feels like a normal day. I wake up with the kids early, I get them breakfast, get them ready for wherever they are going that day. However, this year I invited my Grandad along for my birthday and so this sort of pushed us to do something different.


Hubby and I have been going on a lot of adventures with the kids. When I say adventures I simply mean places we have never been before. The original plan was to use our National Trust and head off somewhere new as I knew my Grandad would love that just as much as we have been too. But on the night before my birthday Hubby spent some time researching nearby places and found Bewl Water. Bewl Water is a huge reservoir which hosts a large range of activities on and around the water.


It was about a forty minute drive from our house. I had no idea what to expect apart from what Hubby had told me which was “it has a few play areas near a big lake”. But I was totally blown away. For one we had absolutely stunning weather for probably the first time in my entire life, but the sheer size of the reservoir was just amazing! We popped into the young children’s play area whilst Hubby paid for tickets onto the little boat. We then headed to the waterside to wait for the boat and the girls enjoyed throwing stones into the water and enjoying the peacefulness.


I was a little anxious about the boat trip. It was sort of a tour of the reservoir and was going to take around forty minutes. I get really bad travel/motion sickness especially on boats but I didn’t actually feel this boat moving until it was docking which was fantastic. The men (Hubby and Grandad) listened to more of the talks about the surrounding areas than I did as I was just lapping up the warmth from the sun and keeping an eye on the girls.


They were so good on the boat. P2 especially loved it because there was three dogs on with us that she could stroke. I don’t think my Grandad expected to be travelling around a reservoir on a boat either but it was so much fun! We then headed off to have some lunch. I packed a picnic so that we could save some money but accidentally forgot the drinks so ended up buying some. The girls kept disappearing off into the older play area so we ended up moving tables so that we could supervise them better.


The reservoir has so much to offer. We saw a group of people building and testing rafts. You can hire boats, canoes, go sailing, there’s plenty of nature to see as you walk 12.5 miles around the reservoir, you can hire bikes or go for a bike ride and so much more. The cafe looked amazing from what we peeked at when buying the drinks. One thing I took notice of was the staff and just how friendly they were to all of us including the girls.


After lunch the girls explored the older playground. Even my Grandad had a go on some of the bits. Hubby and I couldn’t resist the ginormous slide and I was shocked to see P3 manage it all on her own. My girls just love being outside and I felt a bit guilty the entire day that poor P1 was at school missing all of the fun. After our little play Hubby and I popped to the toilet with P2 leaving my Grandad in charge of a sleepy P3. 


My Grandad is known for just wandering off and this is exactly what happened but he managed to get so far ahead of us I was shocked. If you look at the below photo you can see my tiny Grandad in the far distance sitting along the dam, this was captured using full zoom on a macro lens. Hubby thought it would be clever to walk along the mossy bank where the water would usually be during wetter weather and climb up the wall. It was great fun but I was also wearing my wedge sandals. P3 was fast asleep when we reached my Grandad.


We walked the whole distance of the dam and back before heading home. We had some toasties cooked by my Hubby and a lovely Swiss Roll with candles for my birthday. Despite waking up not feeling very optimistic about my birthday, it turned out to be the most perfect day I could have asked for. P1 made me a card and wrapped one of her toys up to give me in hand made wrapping paper and P2 had made me a card too. I feel really lucky to have had my Grandad there on my birthday too.

Here’s a little video I created from my birthday day. I can’t believe I am now 24 years old. I feel so much older and so much more exhausted than a normal 24 year old should probably feel. I am surrounding by people who love me and I feel pretty lucky. I wonder what this next year has in store for me!

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  1. Oh it looks like they had such a wonderful time, I love going on little adventures with the kids x

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