28/31: My Biggest Source Of Inspiration

I couldn’t choose between my Nan or my Grandad so I’m going to write why both of them are my biggest inspirations.

My Nan


I cannot remember a time where she was 100% well. She’d always get out of breath walking to town but she never really let it effect any of us. As things got worse, yes she’d complain but she’d never let us see the true pain she was feeling. After heart attacks and a stroke, kidney failure and dialysing every day at home, it finally took her. But even on that very last day, she was my smiley wonderful Nan. She always knew the right thing to say and had the best advice. Especially when I became a mother myself.

My Grandad


He deserves a medal. He really does. He was my Nan’s rock through every difficult time, every hospital stay and every jam jar that needed opening. He never once complained, ever! He’s also the most active 83year old I’ve ever heard of. He walks a ridiculous amount of miles. He’s always been the “spine” of our family and certainly in my life.


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  1. Your nan and grandad sound so lovely. Beautiful photos too x

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