A 2nd Birthday Cake Smash

Last year, just before P3 turned one, I decided to throw her a cake smash round my Grandad’s house. He has such a pretty garden and it was the perfect and most relaxed place to hold something I had never done before. It was a little bit disastrous and cake had to be manipulated by adults for P3 to show any interest but for some strange reason I decided to go through it all again for her second birthday!


There happened to be quite a few weeks between visits to my Mum’s for the monthly sleepover this time and so inviting them to my Grandad’s house the weekend before P3s birthday seemed the most appropriate way of letting them share a special day with her and watch her receive her presents and cards. I headed back to Essex with all three girls by myself in the car for the first time in goodness knows how long.


My Grandad had bought some party nibbles and thankfully the weather was beautiful so we were able to chill outside in his pretty garden. The girls loved playing with their Great-Grandad, Nanny and Grandad. It was such a relaxed morning where lots of photos and video was taken (see below for my weekend vlog).


We were kindly sent the absolutely stunning Rosebud White Fairy Dress from Katies Princess Dresses ahead of her birthday celebrations and I knew this would make the perfect outfit for her cake smash. My Grandad bought her the most beautiful cake too which made me feel super guilty when it was destroyed by the girls. I say girls because P3 was not interested at all, in fact she was rather shy and so P1 and P2 had to delve in to help her. Never work with kids or animals, came to mind several times.


I think we managed to get a few nice shots of P3 ahead of her second birthday and they really reflect her personality too. She’s such a stubborn little mare! I can’t believe that we now have a two year old and our baby days are well behind us now. She’s growing more and more into a proper little girl by the day. I am super pleased that we got to spend this lovely day round my Grandad’s and although she will probably not remember it, I have these photos to show her when she’s older. I’m thinking of doing a cake smash each year now for her as a little tradition. What do you think?


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  1. Oh my gosh your little lady is adorable!

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