3 Easy Recipes To Get Milk Into Your Toddler’s Diet

Big Milk is a special milk designed for children aged 1-5 years old and is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron and of course Calcium. It is so important to get these nutrients into your child’s diet for healthy, growing bones and teeth. I have been busy in the kitchen this week producing three easy meals using Arla Big Milk. I made a Mango Strawberry Smoothie, Ham & Cheese Breakfast Muffins and Apple-Raisin Bread Pudding. Watch my video below:

Arla Big Milk are asking for you to enter the #BigSteps competition by sharing a picture of your baby doing something for the first time. Don’t forget to give Arla a follow on Facebook and Twitter for exciting updates and competitions.


How do you get milk into your babies diet?

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  1. We’re really lucky as Rowan absolutely loves milk, he’s definitely a milk monster. He loves yoghurts too so that helps with his calcium intake.

    Great recipe ideas

    Laura x

  2. Oh look at their little faces! My eldest quite happily drinks milk but I always love to try new recipes x

  3. These are great ideas and look so yummy! I love the look of the muffins! My 18 month old son still drinks a lot of milk but my 6 year old won’t touch it so I’m going to try these x

  4. Ah these look so yummy! My girls don’t drink milk often so will have to give these a go! x

  5. Jasmine’s always been a big milk drinker – she much prefers it over food. I’ve heard such good things about Arla Big Milk but haven’t managed to find it in my supermarket. 🙁


  6. Great ideas. Thankfully Amelia still likes her milk but will remember these for if she does stop! X

  7. Your little one’s face in that photo is classic, I love it! I totally agree about how important the vitamins are too, great idea to add them to milk. Apparently quite a few children are deficient in vitamin D, especially in winter time. That reminds me to give my girls their vitamins tomorrow.x

  8. I am looking to try this with Pickle – he was lactose intolerant, but has grown out of it more or less. This would be great with added vitamins. Kaz x

  9. The 3 foods sound great. We are moving Blake off formula as he is one in ten days time.

  10. Great food ideas! For some reason my two hate smoothies, i think its the texture! They do luckily enjoy milk though 🙂

  11. I love a good recipe for the kids and if it’s easy, and healthy it’s a bonus with our fast pace lives at the moment. #love2blog

  12. Lisa (@backsnbumps)

    When the boys were little they had cereal with milk, yoghurts and cheese to ensure they got enough calcium. I also gave them growing up milk at night when we had a story until they were 2 to make sure they were getting all the extra vitamins they needed.

  13. I’m lucky that my children like drinking milk but these recipes are a great idea to help up their intake x

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