3 Mexican Dishes That Will Spice Up Your Life

Think of warm sun, hot chillies, a fantastic holiday destination and Mexico is a country that you’ll conjure up in your imagination. Add a superb a Mayan and Aztec heritage combined with Spanish and other European influences and you’ll soon understand why it’s a top foodie destination. From divine dips to robust stews, Mexican food isn’t only spicy, it’s also diverse.

If you’re looking for a vegetable to absorb the chillies, cumin and coriander – then look no further than the humble potato, after all South America is where the potato originates. Here is a selection of three of the most dynamic examples of Mexican cooking.

Zacateca chicken in green sauce

A Mexican sauce is a thing of splendour. Combined with succulent chicken joints, it’s a dish that can be both spicy and tasty, especially if accompanied with McCain Mexican Wedges rather than the more traditional rice. Garlic, cilantro, and peppercorn all add to the flavour of this spicy meal and the chicken is poached with these ingredients.

Remove the chicken and reserve the poaching liquid. Making the sauce is easy, simply heat some tomatillos and jalapenos before adding to cilantro leaves and garlic. In a blender, mix in some of the chicken reserved cooking liquid. Combine blended ingredients with the remaining cooking liquid, heat and then pour over the chicken. The cilantro leaves and stems give this dish its intriguing name.

Fiery goat stew

Described as ‘fearless’, this traditional stew or Birria can be something of an acquired taste. The word Birria means mess, which isn’t the best of descriptions, but stew doesn’t always describe this dish aptly either.

One of the main ingredients for this dish is the guajillo chilli, described as moderate to hot, and serrano chilli which has a hearty kick. This is a dish that improves with a long, slow cook. If you don’t fancy goat, then replace this ingredient with pork. Your life will most definitely be spiced once you’ve tasted this delicious recipe, and your taste buds will be well and truly satiated.

Ceviche – spicy seafood at its best

Served all over Mexico, this dish can be as mild or as fiery as you like.  Tabasco Sauce, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, chopped tomatoes, garlic, lime, cilantro leaves and onions all form part of this dish, as well as the recipe’s star – the fish.

Use a combination of a firm fleshed fish such as halibut and combine this with prawns. Dice the fish and place in the fridge overnight covered with the lime juice. A couple of hours before serving, mix the ceviche ingredients. You can then line the serving dishes with lettuce and add olives and avocados to the mix for additional flavour and colour.


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