3 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Asthma Under Control

Learning how to manage your child’s asthma can be tricky. However, as long as you take the right steps, you should be able to make sure that they’re happy and healthy despite having to deal with this condition. To help your child live their life without letting their symptoms getting in the way, keep reading. Here are three ways you can keep your little one’s asthma under control.

  1. Take your child’s inhaler with you everywhere

Your child’s inhaler is key, and it’s vital that you take it with you everywhere you go. Since it’s difficult to predict when your little one might start to suffer with their symptoms, having this device to hand is an absolute must. Regardless of whether you and your youngster are off out for the whole day or you’re just visiting the local shop, you should get into the habit of remembering to take their inhaler with you.

You could even leave a spare inhaler in places your child visits often, such as at school or their grandparents’ house. You can order extra asthma inhalers from Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy or you can arrange this through your GP.

  1. Know how to deal with their asthma triggers

A trigger is anything that could potentially set off your child’s asthma, so it pays to know what to do in order to keep their flare-ups to a minimum. Your little one may have one or several triggers, and by being able to spot what these are and learning how to deal with them, you should find it much easier to keep their condition under control.

Although some of the most common triggers, such as pollen, cold weather and pollution, can’t always be fully avoided, you can reduce the sensitivity of your child’s airways by making sure they use their asthma medicines as prescribed. By doing this, they’re much less likely to have a bad reaction. There are also other effective ways you can keep their symptoms at bay. For example, if pollen is a trigger for your child, you could encourage them to play indoors when the pollen count is high, or if they’re affected by cold weather, you should always ensure they wrap up warm if it’s chilly.

  1. Go for regular check ups

Ideally, you should take your little one to see a doctor for an asthma review every six months. Even if your child appears to be feeling well, going for regular appointments is a must. You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s condition, and your GP will be able to check their treatment plan, tweaking it if necessary. If you’re ever concerned about your child’s asthma but it isn’t time for their review yet, you should still get them booked in to see someone.

Keeping your child’s asthma condition under control doesn’t have to be a struggle. As long as you’re fully prepared, know what to look out for and keep on top of their doctor’s appointments, you should have yourself a happy, healthy kid.


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