3 Ways to Jazz Up a Winter Outfit

In comparison to summer when you tend to see a myriad of different bright colors everywhere, dressing for winter can feel a bit dull. As silly as it seems, the way that you dress, and how others around you dress, can have subtle effects on your mental health.

If you see someone wearing a bright yellow outfit, this is likely to make you smile, so it will probably be the same for them. Likewise, if you are feeling confident, quirky and interesting, this will make you stand out on the streets which is always an empowering feeling. Here are a couple of ways to spice up your winter outfit so that it doesn’t just look gray and boring.

Add a Statement Bag

One simple way to add an interesting element to your outfit, particularly if you aren’t that daring with your outfit color scheme, is to add a pop of color through a statement bag. This is a great option to opt for, as a bag probably won’t clash with your clothing – rather, it will complement it.

Bags are also really practical investments to make, so if you are considering splashing out on one fashion item, a bag is probably the one to go for. You will always need a bag throughout your life for different purposes, so you will be assured that this is something that you can keep for years. If you are looking to invest in a fancy bag, why not treat yourself and look through the collection of Gucci bags listed at SSENSE. This retailer has bags of all shapes and sizes so you truly will be spoilt for choice.

Find Some Funky Boots

Another way of making your outfit more interesting is to draw attention to the shoes. Having said this, you do want something practical and weather appropriate, so those cool sandals that you have lying about in your wardrobe probably won’t do. Boots are an amazing option for winter, since they cover all of your foot (and much higher if you opt for certain styles!). In addition to this, they are super classy and stylish, so they are a perfect combination of practicality and fashion.

Incorporate Some Patterns

If your outfit is predominantly quite monochrome, why not make it more eye-catching by adding some cool patterns in? Having a fairly plain outfit means that if you do want to add in color or patterns, it can never be ‘too much’, so you really can go all out with one crazy item. Fun patterns you could experiment with include polka dots, leopard print or sparkles. This will make you feel as though you are standing out from the crowd a bit, but it doesn’t have to be that obvious if you don’t want it to be.

There are many creative ways to make your winter outfits fun, without having to compromise your warmth. It is definitely worth having a few interesting pieces in your wardrobe, especially for those days when you do not want to fully stick to the expectations of stereotypically plain winter clothing.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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