30/31: My Earliest Memories

I have quite a few memories from my childhood. I can’t quite pick one as being earlier than the other.


1) We lived adjoined to a veterinary surgery, the one where my mum worked, and I have so many memories of being there. I remember playing between the big bags of dog food stacked on shelves. I remember watching kittens being born. I remember the vet threatening to shave my eyebrows off. I remember being sick all over my egg and dippers. I remember helping to look after the animals that were staying overnight.


2) I have memories of visiting my Grandad’s sister when she used to live in Scotland. We’d travel up by the overnight train, one of my memories include the doors between the carriages getting stuck open and Grandad and me not getting much sleep. I remember making a shell garden in my Great-Aunts garden. I remember their pantry, I’d never seen one before and thought it was amazing each time. I remember staying in their little room on a camp bed. I remember going for long walks with my Grandad and getting Mosquitos bite my legs to pieces. On the last visit we went to before she moved to Gloucester, I remember feeding one of the cows in the nearby field and having it pull really hard and my thumb went into the spikey bit of wire on the fence.


3) I also have plenty of memories of visiting my Grandparents friend who owned a farm. At the age of somewhere between 3-5years old I would be helping to muck out the cow shed. I remember helping my Grandad to drive the tractor through the sheep field. I remember taking the farm dog for a walk on a piece of string, he usually roamed free so I thought this was an amazing thing. I remember the many ornaments that I was told I couldn’t touch at their friends house.

Those three things centre the majority of my childhood memories. The best ones anyway.

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