35 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and there’s still so many days ahead of me! Ok – potentially I could drop any minute. Or I could drop in two weeks time. Or I’ve got the path where I go to term and over!

Pregnancy gives so many surprises. My second pregnancy has not been an easy ride. I don’t particularly remember much from my first in all honesty but judging by this one – I wouldn’t want to go through it again and am glad I won’t have too.

Feeling heavy and gaining weight is all part of the territory. I understand that.

I’m only 4ft 8in tall – teeny and I started this pregnancy at 42kg in weight. My pregnancy isn’t even over yet and I’m weighing 55kg!!!!! That’s a LOT of extra weight gained. Although apparently for my BMI this is average weight gain and isn’t anything to be worried about.

pppfffffftttttttt having to lose 13kg of weight once P2 is here is certainly something to feel nervous about. I want my pre-pregnancy body back. The ironing board stomach and lovely slim legs. Oh and I want just one chin… Not two or three. Luckily, my OH feels my pain (or just wants my body back haha) and has agreed to let me join the gym with him once I’m able to exercise AND as a late Christmas present which will more likely be his Valentines present to me; he’s taking me clothes shopping for new undies and new clothes to make me feel like me again. I love that man far too much!!

I am so scared about having two children. Two girls. You hear about jealousy and the first child playing up once their new sibling is here SOOO often. P1 seems really understanding of the situation and is always talking about her new sister and being a big sister. Which is great. But the reality is… P2 is inside at the moment. She’s not taking up any attention… I’m not distracted by breastfeeding or nappy changing. I guess it’s just a huge change everyone will have to gradually adjust to.

Until then… I’m enjoying the excitement in P1s eyes and the love she already has for my bump. Always giving it cuddles and talking to it.

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  1. Aww look at that belly !!!i tell you, this HAS to be the season of the Girls 😛
    I’ll be posting my belly pic soon. My little girl makes my tummy look amazingly huge 🙂
    Siblings aren’t always rivals. Your little one may actually be excited to help. That’d be amazing !!!
    Best wishes and good luck!!!

  2. What a cute baby belly you have!! <3
    My oldest son had some jealousy and some regression (he is five and started crawling around on the ground often and talking baby talk, etc), but it didn't take long to get him back to his normal self, and despite the age gap ( they are 5 1/2 years apart!) they are great buddies!!! I love it, but I hear you. I was very nervous too. Now it's funny because it's the little one that gets jealous! He does a fake cry when he sees me snuggled up with his big brother!! Ha!! Too funny.

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