36 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. pardon… 36. Weeks. Pregnant. Today. I really didn’t think I’d see the day. And to be honest I don’t think the health professionals did either.

At 28 weeks pregnant I was given steroids to strengthen P2s lungs. I seriously thought at that point I’d only be pregnant for another month!

But here I am with 1 week left until I’m classed as term. 4 weeks left until I’m 40 weeks and technically at the end of my second pregnancy. And 5 weeks until I’m due to be induced.

I’m gob smacked. Seriously gob smacked. This pregnancy has been such a rough roller coaster and although I’m loving having P2 snuggled up inside me and safe – I’m so looking forward to it being over! Maybe that’s really selfish. Maybe I’m annoying people with my anxiousness about literally everything.

Who’s got any tips on pain relief for labour? Positions? Does music help? Is there anything out there a little more discreet than the HUGE maternity pads you have to use after?

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  1. Good luck! I think you have every right to be ready after a pregnancy like that. It’s time to welcome your little one and get on with the joys mamahood! Congrats.

  2. Good luck with your last few weeks! I’m still waiting for my little one, should be any time now. I’ve heard that squatting, standing and leaning over the end of the bed, and being on all fours on the bed are all good birthing positions. But I guess everyone is different and your body will tell you what to do.

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