37 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today!

I don’t think I can put in words how amazing this feels to me. It’s a huge milestone – one not many believed I’d see!

Ok yes my pregnancy is not technically over until I’m 40 weeks or 41 when I get induced but if my P2 arrives now she’ll be classed as full term.

I’ve been experiencing odd niggles of pain here and there recently. The weight of her is definitely taking its toll on my hips and my stretch marks on my thighs are increasing by the day.

A part of me is still devastated at the stretch marks – I don’t think that part of me will disappear very quickly – but I’m on the home stretch now. The end is in sight.

I’m ecstatic!

P1-free today so I’m going to celebrate my milestone with a morning in bed. After all… All my pregnancy apps and emails I’ve got today have told me to relax and rest whilst I can… that’s my excuse anyway.

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