38 Weeks Of Pregnancy

From about 4pm yesterday I felt like absolute poop – I felt really sick, hot, dizzy (not the room spinning type more the spacey type), my lower back was in agony, I kept getting shooting pains inside my lady bits and I kept having the urge to use the toilet.

I text my mum to ask if she could come home from work early to sit with me. Something just wasn’t right. And I was nervous about being alone with P1. I even text my MiL for advice – we then had a 20minute reassuring phone call. She said something very true though; all these niggles are leading up to labour and birth whether it’s today, tomorrow or a weeks time – I’m going to have a baby very soon! and I just have to go with the flow.

As the evening progressed I was going through waves of feeling fine and then feeling rubbish. My OH cooked dinner which I feel really guilty about as I’m the one who’s been home all day – but it was very nice. We had toast, baked beans with sausages (the ones in a tin together?!) and scrambled egg. Followed by another slice of toast.

To top it off P2 gave me a little scare and stopped moving from about 4pm – 5am and she’s been quite quiet since then. I know people say babies reduce their movements as they haven’t got much space but the WHOLE pregnancy and yesterday morning she’s always been so active and fighting about inside me. So when she stops – it’s worrying!

I really hope my body hurries up and prepares for this arrival as let’s face it – I’ve done it before there can’t be much preparing now?!

But for now I’m looking like a beached whale, have sleeping patterns to reflect a newborn baby, with dry itchy skin like a hippo (well I’m not sure hippos itch), I’m growing more tiger stripes and I swear I’m weighing the same as an elephant! I’m 38 weeks pregnant!!! and I’m still completely amazed that I’ve come this far.

Exactly 14 days until due date!!

Anyone else think I’ve got a problem? This was once a stretch mark… Is now a raised, itchy area that feels bruised to touch?

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  1. Soundsjme the end is near!!! My little sister is in labor right now!! It’s her first and I hate hearing updates that she’s in pain!! 🙁 I hope the labor/delivery goes smoothly for you and P2!!! 🙂

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