39 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I’ve made it to 39 weeks pregnant. How?! I’m still completely and utterly shocked that my tiny 4foot 8inch body can carry the child of a 6foot man! To mark the last 7 official days of pregnancy I’m going to do a little blog survey:

How far along are you?
I am 39 weeks exactly.

How big is Baby?
According to my pregnancy app – around 7.5lbs or 3.4kg.

Weight Gain?
I feel like a hippo. I started at 43kg (6.7stone) and am now 58kg (9.1stone) which is 1kg over being in the healthy margin for weight gain – uuuuuuber depressing.

Another Princess – according to all scans. Well let’s hope so otherwise the blog will need renaming…

Maternity Clothes?
I’ve refused to waste money and haven’t bought any maternity clothes. I’m still in my size 8 leggings and tops. Although I did buy maternity bras and was kindly given a couple of tops.

Stretch Marks?
Yes; mainly my thighs (they look like tiger stripes) and have a couple on my belly and around my belly button.

Pardon?! What is sleep? I’m lucky to get 3hours a night at the moment.

I had terrible sickness that lasted until about 16weeks in. I’ve been very tired. Have had very achey hips. And now extremely itchy belly and boobs which are causing the lack of sleep.

P2 has been a very very active baby. It’s always very weird when she is having a quiet moment. Even now, with less room, she manages to give a good performance.

Food Cravings?
I craved potato to start with. I’m now really craving chocolatey things but have been able to resist temptation so far.

Labour Signs?
I’ve had a fair few Braxton Hicks and practice runs in the past few weeks. I also had my mucus plug come away last week. Other than that, no sign of a baby arriving anytime soon.

Belly Button in or out?
It’s been out for as long as I’ve had a bump… Until this week, where it has disappeared again.

What I miss?
Hot baths, pain free sex, laying on my front, sleep, reaching my feet without suffocating. Having energy.

What I am looking forward to?
Holding P2 for the first time and seeing who she looks like most. Showing her to family and friends. Being a real family. Fitting into jeans.

Best moment of the pregnancy?
Being discharged from High Risk. Beating my previous pregnancy and all the odds of a preterm delivery.

7 official days until due date!!!!

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