40 Acts – Day 14 – Check The Label

Take a look at the labels on your clothes. Think a little about how your clothes were made; the countries they came from and the people who made them. Take a look at www.ethicalconsumer.org and do a little research about the organisations who make your clothes. To what extent do they ensure good working conditions for their garment workers? Next time you are shopping for clothes, think before you buy – support organisations who guarantee fair living wages for their workers

I buy a huge amount of my clothes and P1s clothes are from Primark mainly because their clothes are cheap. And with kids they grow so fast that it just doesn’t warrant buying a £30 outfit that she’ll only be in for a month or so.

This is what worries me when really thinking about the background to the clothes I wear – Primark are cheap! Cheap usually means that they are able to produce on a low cost.

When looking on Primark’s website they have a lovely page full of all the information I need to reassure me that no one is being treated unfairly. But does that really tell us the truth. Education? Health? Bank accounts? Is this all really true or are the workers sitting in shabby factories working for next to nothing with little breaks?!

I guess the reality is unless we actually go and visit the factories – we’ll never know! We just have to trust. And I’m sure most clothes factories abroad, where labour is cheap, will be the same sort of conditions.

It’s sad, the only thing we can do is make sure we buy from a UK-made clothes retailer … I don’t know of any?! But then there’s the guilt knowing that the people making our clothes would all lose their jobs and lose any little income they have.

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