40 Acts – Day 17 – Surprise Someone

Think of somebody close to you that you would like to surprise. Timing is everything so think about when the surprise would be most appreciated. You don’t have to wait until a special occasion, such as, a birthday, or an anniversary. A surprise is mostly welcomed if it is done genuinely from the heart and well considered. What does that person value? Some people value words of encouragement so maybe write a personal card, others value acts of service so why not surprise them with a meal?

In just under two weeks my OH and I are celebrating a year of being together. Not really an “anniversary” as we are not married. I wanted to do something really special for it. Show just how much this man means to me. I thought about tickets to watch a motorbike race… But changed my mind. I’m still pondering and obviously he occasionally reads my blog so if its going to be a surprise I can’t write what I plan to do. But my OH is the person I will surprise and you’ll all hear about it in the next few weeks.

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