40 Acts – Day 18 – Encourage

Take a minute to send an encouraging text to a friend. Hand the bus driver a cupcake. Thank your partner for doing the washing up. Buy the shop assistant a chocolate bar. Praise your child for trying really hard to dress themselves. Clothe yourself in Jesus’ attitude of mind and see what happens

We’ve been so proud of P1 this weekend. We haven’t had to argue with her at all. Obviously she’s had her little moments but overall she’s been such a joy and such a good girl. I told her just how proud I was of her and how I’d like her to continue with this behaviour. She got a treat of a packet of Randoms in the car journey home from holiday… she accidentally fell asleep with one in her mouth which we didn’t realise until an upset little voice suddenly said “Is it ok if I have a bath when we get home because I have a random stuck in my hair and my hair is stuck to me” oooops!

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