40 Acts – Day 3 – Make A List

Somebody once said to me, “The way to find out how much you love something or somebody is to imagine it gone forever.” Make a list of those things that you have to be thankful for and then take some time today to let someone know that you appreciate them. Make a phone call, write a letter, email – or simply say it. And perhaps when we pray we can find time not just to work through our list of wants again, but to whisper to God: “Thank you.”

This is quite an easy task for the day I think. I know what I’m thankful for and I cherish them every day. I may not show my appreciation for the things we take for granted but it’s there underneath the surface.

My List:

1) My daughters.
2) My amazing OH.
3) The health of my family.
4) The food in our cupboards.
5) Access to water.
6) Clean clothes.
7) The roof over my head.
8) My phone!

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