40 Acts – Day 4 – Get Uncomfortable

So I challenge you to step up and step out of your comfort zone; tell a mate about your faith, apologise, share your lunch, write to your parents, pray dangerously, maybe even throw a banquet… Go, be brave today, God is with you.

Today’s task was about doing something out of your comfort zone. It was quite hard to think of something to do for this.

In the end I realised I’d already done it… Now don’t laugh and don’t judge me when I say this… I let my brother have some slices of bread for his lunch.

Recently I’ve been finding my brother rather annoying to deal with. He’s just turned 13. Don’t get me wrong he’s a lovely boy but our attitudes are definitely clashing especially now he’s a teen. We are far too much alike.

So… I offered our bread so he could make a sandwich as my mum had run out of bread… Probably giving it to P1!! That’s definitely out of my comfort zone 🙂

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