40 Acts – Day 5 – Read The Local News

It’s simple. Pick up the newspaper from the doormat. Make yourself a mug of tea. Slowly read the paper. Each time it mentions a person or a street, lift them up before God and ask for his blessing. Don’t miss out on the adverts, especially if they are about local businesses. Then look for the names of the editor and journalists and pray for them. Oh and finally, say a prayer for that teenager who brought you the paper.

Today’s Act is hard. We don’t have a teenager that comes round and delivers a newspaper. It’s just the area we live in – right next to a busy main road.

I can’t read our local news so I’ve adapted today to just the news in general and will use the Sky News iPhone app. Much the same as a newspaper?!

I pray for Save The Children and their research on breastfeeding.

I pray for this horse meat situation to finally be sorted.

I pray that Joseph Burke-Monerville rests in peace and the person responsible for his death is caught.

I pray that Rihanna enjoys her new fashion line.

I pray for the people who bring us the news. The people that help is connect with the world outside our front door.

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