40 Acts – Day 7 – Visit Your Local

Look for ways to support the local community beyond your church walls. Take time to visit your local pub with family or a group from your church. Who is there? What does it tell you about your community? Is this a threshold you should be crossing over more often? For more ideas, visit the pubchurch website and read about the pubchurch projects. Are there any that you can get involved with? Why not drop us a line and introduce yourself

Well I don’t see myself “popping” into my local anytime soon… However, I can tell you about my local and what I think it says for the community.

My local is a Wetherspoons pub. On several occasions we go for breakfast with my Grandparents on a Saturday morning. The staff tend to I.D me for my breakfast and soft drink when I order at the bar – I wouldn’t mind too much if I was buying alcohol but it’s a fry up and a glass of water?! I remember they refused to serve me for a soft drink when I was 16 – that didn’t go down too well. Anyway, the food is always really nice and good value for money.

The lay out inside is handy; families and eaters sit at the front of the building, drinkers sit at the back. At 10am on a Saturday morning the pub area is packed with men of all different ages having a pint! So basically, my local says that our community are alcoholics! Ha.

It’s always a nice atmosphere there though and I want to make an effort to go with my Grandparents more. My Grandad always takes P1 when he has her on a Tuesday and Thursday.

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