40 Acts – Day 9 – Get Together

It’s simple. Invite your friends over, order a curry and spend an evening catching up.

I like this one. This one I can do. Yesterday I planned to go and visit my friend. I’m not a social butterfly at the best of times. And prefer my little collection of online friends via Facebook. Lets face it… It costs less.

I have one friend. I tell her everything. We’ve been through a lot but had some great moments along the way. We went to Rome for a long weekend… Memories we’ll laugh about forever. We had a weekend in London. She’s the kind of friend that even if you don’t see for months on end… She’ll always be there for me and I for her.

Anyway, she’s currently in her last weeks of pregnancy and yesterday was experiencing some pains. So once again our visit has been rearranged. As soon as her little man arrives and she’s feeling ok for visitors we’ll be meeting up.

She has her own blog please click here

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