42 Days Of Summer with McVities BN Biscuits

The summer holidays have certainly began and right at the beginning we asked P1 to name 10 things she wanted to do during the six week holidays. A bit like a bucket list. I didn’t interfere in this list believe it or not, we’d collected some leaflets during the lead up to the holidays so this certainly influenced her decisions;

1) art without P2
2) go to the park
3) go to an indoor play area
4) go to the field to have a run around
5) London Eye
6) Hever Castle
7) Zoo
8) Pub lunch
9) Beach
10) Diggerland

We have been to a few places already however nothing that’s actually on her list apart from the park. We’ve been to a Water Ford and to the nature trail. We’ve visited family and we went to feed the ducks. Nothing has cost us any money which has been fabulous and the best part is getting home and having a little treat of McVities BN biscuits – remember those? I certainly do from my childhood and they’ve certainly improved in flavour!! We’ve been munching on the raspberry and chocolate flavours. P2s favourite is the raspberry and P1s is the chocolate.


We’ve actually been surviving the summer holidays so far which is great. The weather has, mostly, been beautiful and even on the days we’ve spent at home we’ve all been enjoying each other’s company. So much so P1 cried when we dropped her to have the sleepover she’d been begging for with her Great-Grandad.

(This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. Learn more at here)

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  1. It looks like a fun list to us. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part. Lovely pictures.

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