5 Steps to Summer Holiday Planning

Not sure on where or what to do for the summer get away? You’re not the only one, and without proper planning you could soon find yourself in the middle of 2 weeks of hell instead of that perfect trip away. So here are 5 top tips on making sure your summer holiday is a success. 

Step 1 – It’s Time to Budget!

So let’s face it before you can go anywhere you need to get a budget in mind. Too little you’re going to be finding a lot to complain about, breaking the bank may harm you in the long run. Make sure you get a budget in mind and stick to it. Holiday websites like Kayak offer amazing deals for the best price. If you haven’t saved, look at potentially taking out a small manageable loan, shop around for the best rates because there are a number of loan companies who are trusted to use in the UK.  Once you have a budget in mind it’s time to choose the most important thing of all…

Step 2 – City escape or basking on the beach…

You need to determine what kind of holiday you want. Are you an active kind of person who wants to experience some culture, or are you fed up of being active all year long and want to chill on the beach, or next to a pool with cocktail in hand and let all of the hard work be done for you?

Try to pin it down to a few locations at the start, otherwise even looking can be become a chore. Ask family and friends or do a quick google search with your specific criteria to see the best place to go.

Have a look at temperatures for the time of year you’re looking at. Maybe it’s a family trip and you’ve got the kids to think about. Perhaps you want heat but not something that’s going to make them fed up from touch down.

Holidays can be few and far between so think about what you want from the experience. Whether it be ultimate relaxation, bringing the family together, fun before settling down for a new job or taking in some culture. These steps to planning will mean you get the absolute most out of your holiday.

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Step 3 – Research, Research, Research

You’ve decided what the aim of the vacation is. You know roughly whereabouts you want to go and you know who you need to appeal to. This is a massive success, so well done!

The next thing to think about is what you’re likely to get up to whilst you’re there. There’s not much point in going somewhere where there’s nothing to see or do. A lot of hotels are self-contained but don’t limit yourself to that. A day out and a change of scenery is a must.

Research the local attractions and what’s going on in the area. Lots of places are famous for certain things so it might be that you seek out local shops to find this out. Alternatively you could find out where the nearest waterpark or zoo is.

You want there to be plenty of things to do so set your excitement alive and start planning all the fun things you could be getting up to.

Step 4 – Looking for the perfect hotel…

You know where you want to go, and you’ve seen the things which will interest you and your party. After whittling the list down to a few locations you’re now ready to pick a hotel.

Think about the important factors of the hotel you’re choosing. How much time are you going to spend there? If it’s just for sleeping then it doesn’t really matter whether it’s five star or not, but if you are going to be spending lots of time at the hotel you want it to be up to standard.

Never just look at one website. It’s important to shop around for the best deal because you want the most for your money. Have a look at the comparison websites as these are brilliant for showing you the price differences. Go into the holiday companies with facts and figures in your head and see if they can beat the online price. They can very often offer discount just by you going in and seeing them.

Also be sure to have a look at reviews on independent websites so you get a full picture of your hotel.

Step 5 – Picking when to fly

Now you’re at the booking stage. Here you can be a little bit savvy with the flight company. Cheapest isn’t always best. If you have late flights and arrive late on your first day- not only do you miss out on that days antics but that is your first night on your holiday. Arriving at 2 in the morning might have been the cheaper option but you’ve missed out on an evening’s food, drink and proper sleep.

Equally, on your last day you need to think about checking out times. If checking out is at 12 but your flight is not until 10pm, you’ve got a lot of waiting around to do.

Try and book flights that are in the morning of your first days holiday so that when you arrive, you can check in, put your stuff in your room and then go and scout out the best poolside spot for the next day. Your return flight for mid-afternoon on the last day would be great as you make the most of your room and don’t have to wait around for ages.

Other boring but crucial things to think about at this stage- how are you getting to the airport? Do you need to organise a lift or are you going to use the airport parking?

This isn’t a step but it is the hardest part of all.

The final and hardest part of planning a summer holiday is waiting for it to come around! This does however mean you’ve got time to be looking your best, find that great bikini, plan your outfits so that your suitcase isn’t like trawling your own body weight around and make lists of everything you need to take with you.

Pick up your essentials throughout the year so you don’t break the bank the week before you go. Buy sun cream when you see it’s on offer and put these all aside specifically for the holiday.

Oh and when work gets hard- go and look at your holiday stock and remember it’s not too far away.


Guest Post written by Mary Saunders

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