5 Things Made Easier With A Babymoov Up & Go Booster

I have never ever ever had a travel high chair or booster seat so was really interested to see how I would put the Babymoov Up & Go Booster Seat through it’s paces as for the previous 6 years I have never needed one.

We’ve had it for a few months now and I’m pleased to say that we are actually using it. In fact we’re using it daily at the moment as it is permanently fixed to our breakfast-bar stools (as pictured). I have put together some of the times when I think the Up & Go Booster Seat would be perfect, the only one I’m yet to personally test out is the first one.


Going On Holiday

The Up & Go Booster Seat looks just like a small briefcase, 7cm thick when folded, and has a lovely handle on the top. It’s very lightweight too making it easy to put inside your suitcase or put under your stroller when travelling.

Eating Out

The Up & Go Booster Seat has a height adjustable base. The straps are adjustable too meaning that it will fit most, if not all, chairs. I personally hate some of the highchairs you are faced with when eating out. They are grubby or look like they’ve been chewed, bashed and scraped far too many times. Some even resemble something from the dark ages so I like to pop the Up & Go Booster Seat into the car so we can whip it out if need be.

up and go booster


With two active children during the day and then three in the evenings, getting time to blog when my eyes are actually open and my mind in gear, is tricky! During the day I put P3 in the Up & Go Booster and she will sit and chew on some food or something she shouldn’t by my side where she loves to be best. Giving me a good 15 minutes or so to get some work done. With the Up & Go Booster Seat having a 3-point harness they are safe and secure on our high stools.


P2 is a little bit obsessed with her Daddy at the moment. She has to be by his side every second she can. If not, there’s tears and tantrums. It’s cute most of the time that she has such a close bond with her Daddy but sometimes it can get quite tiresome. Hubby tends to sit with her at the computer, Peppa Pig on one screen and he can crack on with work on the other three (Don’t ask!)


We live in a small space. And although we have the pretty amazing Babymoov Light Wood High Chair space is quite tricky. I’m sure that many other parents are lacking in space to store or even keep a full sized high chair up. The Up & Go Booster Seat is definitely a fantastic compromise. It has a completely washable cover and is padded so this would make a really easy high chair storage solution and at just under £25 it is a great option for people on a budget too!


What would you use your Up & Go Booster Seat for?


Value for Money

An excellent travel product making meal times less stressful

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