5 Things To Keep In Your Bag While Going For A Hen Do

Hen weekends are meant to be full of frenzy and fun! When your best girl is going to walk the aisle in a few days, it is your responsibility to give her a fabulous send off from her singlehood. After all, it is going to be her last party with all you ladies before she ties the knot, so it better be crazy, enjoyable and memorable. For this, you need to be an intricate trip planner or you will miss out on some crucial elements.

Planning for a hen weekend is a mammoth task because keeping all your chicks happy is not an easy job. But what you must know is that it is the bride’s day and that everything must be done to please her. Once when you have done all the paperwork and the finally the day has arrived for you and your girls to leave for the most fabulous weekend of their life, you would not want it to get jeopardized in case anyone forgets something or the other.

To spare of the horror, we have compiled a list of few necessary items that you must cross check before leaving for the destination city.

Travel documents- This should be a no brainer but, a reminder at the last moment is never too bad! When all your girls have gathered at your place, make each one of them check their travel documents carefully. We bet, you do not want any ruckus at the airport. Not only just the passport, you must also be sure of keeping all the confirmation mails and receipts for all the reservations. You are smart enough to know the repercussions if any of them is missing.

Hair and beauty- We are pretty sure that you won’t step out without looking your best. For this, prepare a small kit with all the necessary hair accessories and the makeup essentials so that you have all those little babies in one place in the bag. Do not forget a sunscreen, a good moisturiser, a good foundation base and a few shades of radiant lip colors. If your mini bag has space, you may keep any other beauty essentials that you think are necessary.

Considering your hair, make sure a few members of the squad keep the hair accessories like the curler and straightener to come in handy for the entire gang.

Electronics- You would not want to face the perilous situation of not having any battery in your phone or camera while you are out with your bride team. Keep your portable charger for all the devices you carry so that they are never out of power. We all know how vital a role a communication device plays when it comes to locating all your girls when you are out for a shopping spree, so you better have the right charger and enough battery in your phone and camera!

Medical kit- You are going out with your ladies, who are party animals, and you have this impossible task of keeping everyone in line. Well, we wish you good luck for this! Along with our best wishes, we also suggest you to carry a medical kit with yourself. After the bar crawl, be prepared of listening to the hangover ridden pleas of all your girls the next morning. To tackle with this situation have a bag full of aspirin and other necessary medicines so that no one misses out on the hen do fun due to illness.

Enough cash- Even if you have done all the reservations and made the payment before, you still need to carry cash. Not only ask your girls to carry extra cash with themselves, but since you are the leader of the gang, you need to carry some more bucks in a hidden pocket for critical situations. If you are going to a foreign land, make sure you have enough foreign currency to have a smooth trip.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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