5 Tips To Encourage The Children To Spend Time Outside

According to experts, modern day children are missing out on vital experiences because they do not spend enough time having fun in the open air. Survey results published in The Telegraph revealed that only 40 per cent of today’s children would swap time in front of the TV or computer for outdoor play.

With the distraction of technology now playing such a huge part in our children’s lives, it’s essential that, as parents, we provide them with new ways to get outdoors as much as possible. With this in mind, here are five tips to encourage the kids to step outside into the fresh air:

Grow their own fruit
Kids love to get dirty, so digging in the soil is bound to light up their little faces. Spending time in the garden growing your own fruit and vegetables from Ashridge Nurseries is a great way to have fun and develop new skills. Tending plants and growing their own food will also help them learn about science and nature, and it’s a good way of encouraging them to eat more healthily!

Provide them with garden tools
Providing the children with their own gardening tools is the perfect way to make them feel grown up. You can even give them their garden beds but try to use plots in the middle of the action, with the best soil and light. Set them up for success and chances are they won’t get bored quickly!


Start a hobby as a family
If you don’t spend much time outside yourself, chances are your children won’t feel the need to either. Why not start a hobby as a family? Take up cycling and go on family bike rides at weekends, start horse riding and ride together after school or wake up early and go fishing together. Encouraging them to get involved in an outdoor sport such as football, netball or even a water sport is another way of making sure they get that all important Vitamin D.

Be adventurous with den building
According to Eureka, a recent survey by Mothercare revealed that children are spending less than 30 minutes outside a week. A combination of factors has led to children being less adventurous nowadays. However, give them the option of building a den and they are likely to jump at it!

Children love to build dens and the sense of accomplishment is fantastic for their confidence. It doesn’t even need to be in your garden, why not take them down to the local woods or park? Chances are they’ll be itching to leave the house and get back to their den in no time at all. Alternatively, help them make a treehouse or set up a tent; you can camp out and do some stargazing too.

Start monthly outdoor challenges
Make up some monthly competitions and challenges for the kids to do outside. Mini sports day games and assault courses are a guaranteed kid pleaser, especially if there is a reward at the end!


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  1. It is very sad that nowadays children just don’t spend that much time playing outside like we used to do back in the days. This article is great and very inspirational. We like your ideas and we believe that children will be very intrigued if we, the adults, help them discover the amazing and very exciting world of gardening. With spring around the corner, this is the perfect time to encourage them learn more about gardening and nature.

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