5 Tips For Looking After Your Hearing

In the UK there are an estimated 10 million people who suffer from some form of hearing loss and the figures are expected to rise. Looking after yourself from a young age will ensure that you reduce the chances of suffering from this potentially debilitating problem.

  1. Eating a healthy diet

An article in the Daily Mail online says that researchers at the University of Florida have discovered that eating a healthy diet can reduce the chances of suffering from some form of hearing loss in the future. If you have already damaged your hearing it cannot be reversed by suddenly changing your lifestyle and the types of food you consume. If you find it difficult to hear then trying one of the many hearing aids from Hidden Hearing could be the answer and will change your life for the better.

  1. Turn your music down

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that if you’re listening to music you should not have the volume on your headphones turned up too loudly as this can permanently damage your hearing. Many modern systems now have limiters incorporated so that this can not happen, but many home systems don’t have these fitted. It can also be dangerous for your ears if you are at a live concert where the sound can exceed safety levels; many people now wear ear protectors when attending a gig or music festival.

  1. Immunisation

It is important that you protect your child’s future health by getting them vaccinated at a young age. If they aren’t protected from certain illnesses such as measles, meningitis, rubella or mumps they can be affected in the future and might even lose their hearing completely. Children can also be screened for hereditary hearing loss or possible future deafness at a very young age and if a problem is detected then the correct treatment can be administered.

  1. Keeping your ears clean

There is only one way to keep your ears clean and that is to rinse them gently with warm soapy water when you are having a shower or bath. You should never poke anything into the inner ear, such as a cotton bud or rolled up tissue, as this can cause damage to the ear drum. By pushing something into the ear you could also push earwax further into the ear causing more damage. You should also leave earwax alone because it is your ear’s way of protecting itself. 

  1. Protecting your ears from noise

If you work in a busy and noisy work environment you should wear ear protection at all times. You can either use ear muffs, which are similar to headphones, or you could wear earplugs that should be supplied by your company. There are many health and safety rules regarding noise levels in the workplace, so check with your company and take the appropriate action. You should also protect your hearing while carrying out DIY jobs using power tools, these can be very loud and using ear protection can also stop debris entering the ear.

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