5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Money

I have never been good with money. In fact I’ve been quite disastrous. I was in debt when I met my Hubby. I had car finance, missed phone bills and a credit card. Over the past three years of being with Hubby I’ve learnt a lot about money. Just by watching him I’ve learnt so much, listening to his many lectures and spending hours on end in supermarkets just getting the essentials. He’s a frugal liver. If you ask Hubby to describe my managing of money when we met he’ll roll his eyes and mutter a swear word or two. Now, I hope he’s seen a change in the behaviour I have towards money. Here’s the tips I’ve learnt from Hubby in the past three years;


Did you know that more often than not Basics or Value (the ones below the own brand) are actually better for you than the branded versions. Plus they are cheap as chips, in fact lower than that! Our cupboards, fridge and freezer are dominated by Basics and they actually taste really nice.

Store Point Cards

Tesco Clubcard and Nectar are a must have. Nectar for instance paid for our Christmas toy shopping last year but don’t expect to get anywhere with them without putting in the effort. Remember that “Collect Double Points when you buy a Birds Eye product” piece of paper you scrunched up and threw away? Save them and use them. Every single one. We always line up our vouchers as we go round the shop and collect each item. They are usually tailored to what you’ve bought before. When you use them you’ll gain extra points and with Clubcard you can exchange them for days out, meals, clothing or toy vouchers etc. With Sainsburys you could save them and do a massive shop like we did at Christmas. Ebay collects Nectar Points and British Gas too!

Online Shopping

My Hubby will not order a pizza without spending at least 10 minutes trawling the internet for a voucher code. He’s the same with nearly everything. So now I will always check the internet for a voucher for any website that I want to use for online shopping. Websites like VoucherBin.co.uk are fantastic for finding money saving vouchers.

Credit Cards

Hubby has a very strict rule and motto. If you don’t have it don’t spend it. He’s right and that’s why I won’t turn back to credit cards yet. Unless you are very aware of what your budget is, don’t turn to a credit card for help. There’s other ways to get around being tight with money one month and nothing is worth putting it on a credit card unless you can pay in full at the end of every single month what you have paid for previously.


Believe it or not some supermarket offers are not as great as they may seem. This is why we spend so long doing our weekly shop and I usually send Hubby alone because it’s stressful. He’ll stand there eyeing up the offers on butter, checking the weight quantity and the price, working out if the buy 2 for £5 is better than buying two of one with no offer by checking the quantity. I hope that makes sense. Keep a watchful eye.

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