5 Ways to Cosy Up Your Bedroom with Blackout Curtains!

Blackout curtains are thick, heavy curtains that block out unwanted daylight from bedrooms. They are most often thought of as being used by people who work the night-shift or who follow irregular working patterns. However, nothing can be further from the truth! Anyone can use blackout curtains, or blackout blinds, and almost everyone will reap some benefit from doing so:

# 1 Blackout Curtains For a Visual Appeal

New fabric manufacturing techniques mean that blackout curtains no longer have to be dark colours. Nowadays, you can even get white curtains that work effectively to block unwanted light from a room. But blackout curtains are not just pretty; they are also functional, checkout new arrivals at Yorkshire Linen and enjoy great looking curtains that offer even more benefits than great looking décor!

# 2 Temperature Adjustment

Blackout curtains can work effectively to keep your bedroom cool in summer, staving off the worst of the sun’s heat. They also work well to insulate your bedroom against the chill of winter. They are a brilliant way to maintain the temperature of your bedroom at a steady, comfortable level. You can find thermal curtains at Terry Fabrics.

# 3 Aid in Sleep Better

Having your bedroom properly dark at night – no street lights throwing glare into your boudoir, no headlights disturbing your dreams – can help you to sleep better. Good sleep is vital for good health, and good sleep requires as dark a room as possible. Banish electronics like televisions and mobile phones, install your blackout curtains and prepare to sleep as well as you did as a child!

# 4 Health Benefits

Scientists have recently discovered that there is a clear correlation between obesity and too light a room at night. They found that (in a test pool predominantly comprised of women) if the subject could easily see across their bedroom at night (due to thin curtains, electronic gadgets, or a particularly busy street outside) then they tended to have significantly higher levels of obesity. This may be because the light prevents the brain from entering deep REM sleep cycles, which are vital to keeping the body in the peak of health, with all systems functioning properly, or it could simply be that the light is disturbing restful sleep, meaning that the body is constantly looking for fuel to ‘replace’ the sleep that has been missed.

# 5 Better Mood

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, even on a minor scale. This is when the shortening days and the grey chill of autumn cause a feeling of melancholy or sadness. Keeping winter and the truth about those hideously late dawns hidden from your active brain, make help you to transition between seasons without feeling the pangs of misery that the onset of winter can sometimes cause.

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