5 Ways To Boost Your Glamour Game

Night feeds, 6am starts, the school run…when was the last time you sat and took your time with your makeup? Had a long relaxing bath rather than a quick jump in the shower whilst being supervised by your children…? Being a mum is so rewarding – hard work of course, but the pros massively outweigh the cons I’m sure you’d agree.

But sadly, as we’re busy being the best parents we can be, and giving all our love, attention and care to our little ones it’s not often we can find the time to feel glamorous, sexy or just confident adults! Well, I’m here to tell you that all is not lost! Just because you’re a busy mum doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to feel like a million dollars. Don’t believe me?

Read on for 5 ways to boost your glamour game.

Tooth whitening

Think it’s just for celebrities and reality TV stars? Not any more! Speak to a reputable dental practise like Weybridge Dental and they can provide a quick and painless tooth whitening procedure that will dramatically whiten your teeth. Having a bright, healthy looking smile is not only contagious but it makes us feel more confident – and you’ll just love showing it off at everyone you meet! A flash of those pearly whites and you won’t care if your on day 3 of dry shampoo. Instant glamour.

Up your undies game

They say that glamour starts with what you put on under your clothes. So wearing something that makes you feel sexy and gorgeous will give you an instant lift. We get it – everyone has that favourite pair of “old faithful” pants and a bra that probably should have been thrown away long ago – but if you fancy lifting your spirit and feeling good, then slipping into some lacey or silk will do the job. Knowing how incredible you look under your clothes will make you feel glamourous.

Paint it red

Nothing says glamour like a luscious, eye catching pair of lips. Forget that lip gloss or plain old lip balm for a change, and make the switch to a smouldering, sultry red tone instead. Remember to take your skin tone into consideration before you pick your shade and rock it all the way to school drop off. You’ll be turning heads – for all the right reasons.

Ditch those flats

I know, I know – flat shoes are more comfortable, and we all have our go-to pair. But do they really scream glamour? Probably not. Slipping on a pair of heels will improve your posture, make your legs look longer and they’ll give any outfit an instant lift. Wearing heels every day might not be feasible but if you’re feeling a little low, put on your favourites and you’ll feel much better.

Dazzle them all in a dress

Your LBD might not be appropriate for the school run, but if you want to add a touch of glamour and confidence to your outfit of the day, then something drab will never do. Try a day dress with tights and boots, or something flirty and long instead.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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