5 Ways To Help Your Community

Being an avid, passionate supporter of your local community is a wonderful thing: it can help those in need, clean up the area, and even help you out too by providing you with a focus and making you feel accomplished and happy. You might make new friends, and you will certainly learn new skills. Giving back to your community is very important. Here are some ways you can help.

Become A Volunteer

Being a volunteer doing something that interests you and helping others at the same time is a great idea if you are looking for a way (or ways) to help your local community. You might choose to visit the elderly in your neighborhood and ensure they are safe and well, and perhaps spend time talking with them. Another option is to help out at a local school, or at a hospital. There are many different ways how you can do this, and once you start looking around, you will notice them.

Help Local Businesses

Helping local businesses can be as simple as buying from them rather than a larger store or buying online. You might end up spending a little more, although in some cases the lower prices could surprise you, and you will be giving back to the community. You could use free poster templates to advertise these businesses or to advertise local events that will bring more people to your area (who will then spend money with the smaller stores).

Litter Picking

Litter is a blight on every street in the country – perhaps in the world! By taking a bag with you every time you head out for a walk and picking up as much of the litter as you can, you will be helping to make your local community look and feel much better. It works even more when you can gather up a number of people to go out at once and clear everything you see. If the problem is a lack of garbage bins, you could even speak to your local representative about getting more, showing them the evidence that you have (literally) gathered.

Speak To Your Neighbors

All too often we live in a place for years and barely even see our neighbors, let alone speak to them. However, if you make an effort to get to know them, and talk to them, even befriend them if you have a lot in common, the entire area will become a lot safer (because everyone is looking out for one another) and more enjoyable to be in. You could arrange coffee mornings or bake-offs, or get-togethers in a local park with activities for the children. Anything that brings a neighborhood together is a good thing.


If you have items that you want to donate to a worthy cause, see if there are any charities in your local area that could use them. Clothes, toys, books, and many other household items are always needed somewhere. Don’t forget food too! Homeless shelters, for example, will take in food to help feed those who are less fortunate. If you buy a little extra each time you go to the store and then donate it, you can really make a difference.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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