50 Years

I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about a weekend away that’s been planned since October last year. I’ve been itching to post about it.

My OHs Grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Crazy how different generations change things so drastically. How many people even celebrate 25years these days?!

My MiL organised a special weekend for them. Renting a huge house, getting all the family there including her sister who lives in Canada, arranging a food delivery and decorations. All of this whilst keeping it a complete secret and surprise for the special couple. I really hope my girls do this for us when we’ve been married 50years.

I felt so nervous. For so many reasons. 1) Going on holiday with a three week old. 2) Meeting the last of my OHs family. 3) Dealing with recovering still. AND I was so excited about the whole surprise process… I’ve never been a part of something so special.

It went so well. His Grandparents cried and did not expect the surprise… I got all teary and kept checking no one was watching. Hormones!

The house is like something out of a fairy tale. It’s huge and so pretty. We definitely need to win the lottery. We are completely surrounded by fields and the sea is about a 2minute walk – you can see it out of the windows. Downside to being in the middle of nowhere means no phone signal! However, the house does have wifi… Which is only accessible when very close to the hub.

Our bed is amazing. Although I felt quite lonely – it’s a special orthopaedic bed. So two single mattresses on one bed with controls to adjust position etc and two separate duvets. We were put downstairs so we were close to the kitchen etc with P2. As it happens P2 slept really well last night – she fed only once at 4am! (Her last feed was 12 but we were all still awake so it didn’t count)

P1 kept coughing in the night and at one point she had a little unhappy cry in her sleep… I haven’t shared a room with her in ages so I wasn’t sure if this was normal – I figured she wasn’t comfy on her blowup bed so gave her a spare pillow and the spare blanket I packed for P2. She then managed to sleep quite soundly other than her dreadful cough.

There’s 13 adults and 4 children here this weekend – I think. So P1 always has someone to bump her gums with and she spent the majority of yesterday running about.

Here’s some of the photos I’ve taken so far:

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