7 Organising Solutions for Kids’ Closets

When you have kids, organisation can be a difficult thing to keep up. This is especially true in places in your home that are already hard to keep organised – like a bedroom closet. With these tips, though, you will be able to get and keep a kids’ closet organised in no time.

1. Use Extra Storage

There are plenty of extra storage options out there that can improve your organisation. So, take advantage of them! The more storage you have, the more that everything in your kid’s closet will have a place and stay organised. If you have a plastic door hanger for shoes, for example, it’s less likely those shoes will end up littered all over the closet floor.

When you are getting items to organise your child’s closet, though, you should make sure to buy child’s hangers. Adult hangers won’t fit their clothes correctly and you risk clothes falling down or getting stretched out with their use.

2. Label Items

It might help to label items in your child’s closet as well. For instance, sectioning clothes off by their season or maybe even their size or owner if you have multiple children sharing a closet. This way, items are easy to find which can make all the difference on a busy morning before school.

You should also consider putting those items used most often in the most easily accessible place in the closet. For instance, the clothes you labelled “summer clothes” should be in the front of the closet during summer months.

3. Have a Space for Non-Clothing Items

In most families with small children, closets aren’t specifically for clothes and shoes. They usually double for storage with other items as well such as sports equipment or toys. If you need to keep these in the closet, you also need to keep them organised.

The best bet is to get a storage bin or create storage space for these items specifically. Don’t force them into the storage space you’ve made for shoes and clothes in the closet. Give them their own space if you want to keep things as organised as possible.

4. Use Two Hanger Rods

If you want more space to hang clothes in your closet, you should consider adding a second hanger rod. The best way to do this is to keep the rod at the top of the closet and add the second rod about halfway down the closet.

This works well for children’s closets particularly because you are working with clothes that are smaller. That means that they won’t hang down as far as adult clothes do. This fact makes it easier to double up on hanger rods like this because you can do so without worrying about clothes dragging on the ground.

5. Dividers Work Well

We mentioned earlier that sometimes, families need to use one closet for more than one child. This can be confusing, though, because clothes can get confused and lost. If the children wear the same size or are close to the same age, this confusion can increase.

The best way to avoid this is to divide up closet space. The easiest way to do this is to split the closet down the middle. The best way to do that is to use a tall, appropriately thin storage device in the middle of the closet. This way, you are splitting the closet but you aren’t losing storage space in doing so.

6. Keep Shoes Upright

A clever tip to stay organised is to not let shoes fall sideways or scatter around the bottom of the closet. Like we noted earlier, you could always use a door organiser for the shoes. On the other hand, you can line them up at the bottom of the closet.

If you find shoes that are long, such as taller boots, fall over, you can always get them to stand up straight by trimming a pool noodle to fit inside the shoe and keep it upright.

7. Let Kids Get Involved

Finally, allow your kids to get involved in the process of organising your closet. By doing this, you help them make their closet, which is part of their room, their own. This gets them invested in their area and they will likely want to make it look nice.

Why is this important? Well, any mum knows that it’s extremely hard to keep an area clean if your kids are constantly making a mess in that area. So, there isn’t much point in organising a closet if your kids are simply going to make a mess of it each day. If you can get your kids interested in staying organised, staying organised will be a much easier task.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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