7 Perfect Picks For Your Little One

When it comes to buying kids clothes, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are hundreds of retailers you can shop with, selling what seems to be an endless list of ‘must-haves’ for your little ones. But, what about those perfect picks? You know – the ones that tick the ‘essentials’ box, but also look fashionable, fun and downright cute… Well, here are seven perfect picks that should be on your shopping list this year:

A snuggly, stylish and durable coat

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”, or at least that’s how the saying goes. Well, that’s why it’s so important you invest in a good quality coat for your child, making sure it’s one they want to wear, but also lasts and lasts.

Check out the range of kids coats on offer at Muddy Puddles – they’re colourful and stylish, but more importantly they’re very well made and designed with children in mind. The zips can withstand rough handling from little hands, and there are reflective stripes and logos on the coats for added visibility, which is great news for parents trying to keep an eye on children who are tearing through the park.

A cute onesie

Onesies are perfect for kids who want an extra layer to wear around the house on top of their pyjamas – ideal for colder weather, or when parents are keeping a watchful eye on the heating bill. There are lots of cute onesies on the market, with plenty featuring fun little design details like rabbit ears or bunny tails to make your little one look even cuter than they already are.

A fun cape

Kids love to dress up and role play: it’s how they learn about the world and develop their creativity and social skills. So, why not encourage more of that (and less of the TV) by buying them a fun dressing up cape? A dinosaur cape like this one will make playtime seriously good fun and, in fact, they’re so popular with children that you shouldn’t be surprised if your little one insists on wearing it to the supermarket or to nursery…

A traditional jumper

A traditional jumper (think 1950s style) is a great addition to your child’s wardrobe: it’s the perfect layer on very chilly days, and it’s also a good piece of clothing if you need to smarten them up for a formal occasion. Just be sure to buy a traditional jumper in a modern fabric; scratchy wool probably won’t cut it, so keep an eye out for 100% cotton jumpers with patches on the elbows so that the fabric doesn’t wear away.

A t-shirt they never want to take off

When we first have children, we dress them up in our minds and imagine them looking like the kids we see all over Instagram. But, the reality is often different… what our kids really want to wear is a t-shirt with a plastic transfer on the front: a piece of movie merchandise featuring a character from their favourite Disney film or superhero comic. While it might not be your idea of a perfect pick, it will certainly be theirs… so consider giving in and letting them enjoy just one ‘not very stylish’ t-shirt.

A pair of super comfy shoes

Kids need well-fitting shoes to prevent their little feet from blistering, so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of school shoes, take them somewhere to get measured up. It will cost you more than getting school shoes from the supermarket, but they’ll fit their feet properly.

A comfy dressing gown

No list of must-haves would be complete without a fluffy dressing gown. They’re perfect for lazy weekend mornings or snuggles on the sofa after a bath, so buy the fluffiest, softest and comfiest dressing gown you can. Your little one will want to wear it all the time if they like the colour or the print on it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Picture courtesy of Muddy Puddles.

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  1. So important to have a warm snuggle coat, great for kids to get outside in all weathers.

  2. My girls could do with some waterproof all in ones. I may let them get muddy then lol x

    • Yes, I love the all in one ones we have. They are a life saver for even park trips when the weather has been a bit wet.

  3. Those shoes look good. I think I need to measure my little ones feet this weekend. She got her first shoes beginning of November. They might get a bit small now. I never know because hubby gets her dressed in the morning. And you know men… they’re like “Ah yeah they are still fine”.

    • It’s amazing how quickly feet grow! We’ve just got P2 new shoes recently and she’s already growing out of them!

  4. Good duggestions, we love our dressing gowns and onesies!

  5. I’m a big dressing gown fan. I live in mine! So does Rosalie xx

  6. Great post, comfy shoes and clothing for kids is important I love the look of the muddy puddles coats.

  7. both of my two have grown out of their onesies – think I need to get them new ones asap!

  8. Great post lovely, you cant go wrong with a comfy dressing gown, coat and durable shoes. My two love their dressing gowns for cosy evenings at home. xx

    • My middle daughter is obsessed with popping her dressing gown on in the mornings. The other two aren’t really bothered. It’s funny!

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