9/31: 15 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve only just found this little blog challenge/blog linky and definitely think it could help bring back my blogging motivation. It’s the Blog Every Day in August challenge with Outmumbered. I’m a little late so my first post is a list of 15 things, aside my family, that make me happy. At this specific moment in time I’m finding it a huge struggle to remember the things that make me happy so it’s nice to focus…

1) Roast Dinners. Any meat will do, although I prefer lamb, it’s the combination of roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy……. Mmmmmm.

2) Social Media. It’s the interaction I get from social media, the likes and comments. They make my day.

3) Blogging. Again, it’s the interaction, the opportunities and the way I can vent.

4) PJ days. (becoming a little too frequent with my growing bump) I love not worrying about looking a state as we all slob about the house in our jammies.

5) The Sun. (The thing in the sky not the newspaper) When things are brighter it makes everything seem happier.

6) Warm Weather. (except when pregnant) There’s nothing I love more than to wear short shorts or dresses and grab a bit of colour. Not having to worry about taking cardigans or coats.

7) Pets. I’m currently craving a hamster but on another note… I’ve always had pets and there’s something so rewarding about them. Oh and they’re super cute.

8) Wearing Dresses. I love to feel girly. Especially since meeting my husband. It makes me feel feminine and grown up.

9) Make-Up. It’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve come to appreciate the power of make up. It melts my hubby, after wearing it for two weeks straight then running out of eyeliner I felt naked. It makes me happy when I look more grown up and have less bags under my eyes.

10) Romantic Gestures. Don’t we all?

11) Going on Holiday. Escaping. Relaxing. Switching off. Exploring. It’s just a happier time.

12) Emails from PR Companies. I get all giddy and excited every time I get an email request or opportunity via my blog. I love this world.

13) My Bed. I don’t get to spend much time in it but the time I do get us well cherished.

14) Memories. Family related but thinking about my childhood and my Nan makes me feel content.

15) TV. Specifically Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, EastEnders, Hollyoaks, New Girl, Without A Trace, CSI and The Originals.

That list actually took some time to think about. Of course at the top of my list would always be my family; hearing them laugh, watching them grow, hugging them, creating memories and being a wife and mum. That’s what makes me the happiest!!

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  1. Love your list and agree with most of them! Roast dinners are the best !

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